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HGH Gen-Tropin AQx

HGH 30IU cartridge

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Gen-Tropin AQx 191a Profile:

Human growth hormone (GH) is a protein hormone consisting of several isoforms.1 It is encoded by a gene cluster located on chromosome 17q, made up of 2GH genes: GH1 and GH2; GH1 transcripts yield (through alternative mRNA splicing) two protein products: the pituitary 22KDa GH form and 20KDa GH.1 Since the 22KDa GH-encoding GH1 gene is expressed in the pituitary, secretion of its protein products is pulsatile under control from the hypothalamus.1

There are minor differences in metabolic bioactivity among the GH isoforms, depending on species and assay system used; however GH isoforms cross-react in most immunoassays, and assays specific for 22KDa GH, 20KDa GH and GH-V (GH2 encoded isoform) have been developed.1 The metabolic clearance of 22KDa GH is faster compared to that of 20KDa isoform.2

GH plays a crucial role in maintaining the homogeneity of tissues and organs during the normal development or after an injury.2,3 Its effects on growth do not take place during the foetal period or during the early infancy but are mediated by IGF-I (Insulin-like Growth Factor I) during childhood and puberty. IGF-I transcription is thereafter dependent on an adequate GH secretion, but in many tissues, occurs independent of GH.3,4

The great diversity of actions of GH indicate that the hormone plays many different roles by activating a high number of proteins involved in cell signalling and displaying different mechanisms of action.4,5

Some studies suggest that, rather than a hormone, GH is a prohormone that may be proteolytically cleaved yielding different and shorter GH derivatives with tissue-specific properties.1,3 Moreover, GH may activate the proliferation of tissue-specific stem cells that play an important role in tissue repair after an injury.3

Therefore GH may be considered safe if administered in the appropriate doses and frequency. A classical GH-dependent adverse effect such as hyperglycaemia may not be of great importance if GH is administered before physical exercise. What is more, recently, there have been reports that GH is able to induce the rescue of pancreatic β-cell function in streptozotocin-treated mice and, therefore, has a potential in the treatment of type 1 diabetes.6

Gen-Tropin AQx is a recombinant human GH product [Somatropin (rDNA origin)], manufactured by Bio-Gen Pharma, China. Gen-Tropin AQx is produced using recombinant DNA technology via bacterial (E. coli) expression system, and is identical to the endogenous HGH. Each cartridge contains 10mg (30IU) of rHGH in a sterile stable liquid formulation.


22 kDa protein containing 191 amino acid residues.



HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin, Somatotropin.

Physical Appearance:

Sterile Filtered clear liquid formulation.


The amino acid sequence and tertiary structure of the Gen-Tropin AQx somatropin (HGH) is identical to naturally produced HGH. Therefore, Gen-Tropin AQx HGH has an affinity to HGH receptors.


>95% (SDS-PAGE analyzed).


Liquid formulation no need for bacteriostatic water.


Store liquid protein formulation at 4 °C. The liquid formulated protein remains stable until the expiry date when stored at 4 °C.

Source: E.Coli


Product is prepared for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The product may not be used for other purposes.


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Best buy but the price is higher than bevore lower dossage or no hgh price is high qualitie good, calverject nice extra !!


Hgh gen tropin

This product is quality. Before the price went back up to £178 it was extremely good value at £77 for 300 iu's. As with all gh the results don't come overnight and in the case of new muscle growth you won't see it for about 6 months then all of a sudden it's like 'pow', "when did all this thickness come?" It gives a very youthful look to the skin and even helped speed up my rotator cuff injury. All in all, a top product. Delivery times have been suffering lately but I think that's more to do with the ever growing customer base than bad service. Every product I've bought over the last 3 or 4 years from DRSLABS has been of the highest quality and at prices you just don't see from an internet source. Keep up the great work people. Customer for life.



I was waiting a bit the product but came at the end good work thank you 3 star cuz of waiting or itll be 5 star


HGH Gen tropin

Really good quality seems to work well had to lower the dose as joint pain was getting bad and I was tired.



Just bought some hgh cartridges can any one tell me where I can buy reusable pens from

Many thanks



Just bought some hgh cartridges can any one tell me where I can buy reusable pens from

Many thanks


Gentropin AQX

amazing stuff, top pharma grade, have had astonishing resluts!!!!


Gen-Tropin AQx

I've been using this product for a while now and for the first time, in a long time, my gym buddies have commented on how lean I look. Love it!
Now, I just wish that I could get an update on when my latest order will ship...ordered April 5, 2017 and have requested status updates (it's backordered) but haven't received any replies to my 2 requests. Hopefully someone will e-mail me soon or the product will arrive.


Gen-Tropin AQX TOP

Everything is very good stuff, works as it should. Top service, very friendly contact. Price performance Unbeatable
Alles bestens sehr gutes Zeug, wirkt wie es soll. Top Service, sehr freundlicher kontakt. Preis leistung Unschlagbar


The best out there!

Best supplier out there without question. Pure product, and unbelievable results! You have one very happy customer

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